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Lady Valet owner, [Donna], has responded with professionalism, promptness, and a wonderful attitude to any changes in routine and scheduling. Lady Valet is very easy to work with, willing to introduce and implement new ideas

— Doreen


My husband and I used the services of Lady Valet during the past harsh winter and into spring [2011]. Mostly we asked her to shop for groceries, but she also helped me work out complicated schedules for dog sitting and house sitting.

Donna responds to telephone messages very quickly, and we never had to wait long for the job to be done. She has a truck that seems to be reliable in all weather and road conditions, and she could find our house, which many can’t.

Donna is a “take-charge” person, meaning she understands what is involved in an assignment, thinks it through with her client, and tries to anticipate possible snags that may come up along the way; for instance, requirements of any insurance policies that the client may depend on—house, auto, etc.

She is more than willing to run through a trial, to make sure things will work as planned. In our case I could ascertain that her approach to our dog was restrained and wise, and therefore the dog sitting went off smoothly.

In conclusion, I would turn over to Donna any job, placing my trust in her organizational ability, her attention to unforeseen problems, and her understanding that further consultations with her client become necessary when choices need to be made.

She will be house sitting for me in the future,

— E.R.


Thanks to Donna’s care, our lawn and garden looked better after our three-week holiday than it did before! She is careful, utterly responsible, observant, and skilled—everything we could hope for in someone taking care of our home and garden. Knowing that she was looking after them really let us relax and enjoy our trip!

— Frieda and David Gramit


If you are looking for someone conscientious and trustworthy to watch your home and pets, Lady Valet Home Services is ideal. Donna is extremely thorough when preparing to take care of your home and extremely reliable. I’ve even booked her for two more visits this year!

— Robin


Thank you for doing such a fabulous job improving and maintaining the landscaping and common areas surrounding our commercial building. It is truly remarkable how quickly your efforts resulted in such an improvement in the overall appearance of the property. Our tenants and staff have all been very pleased and impressed with the results you have generated. How enjoyable it is to deal with you. It is comforting to know that I can count on you to take care of things with professionalism and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards. Thank you for a job very well done.

— Brad Shapka, President
    Select Ready Foods Inc.









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