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Advanced booking for services is recommended. A minimum 24-hour notice is preferred.

Unless otherwise noted, 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of services. Client is responsible for charges incurred prior to cancellation.

Lady Valet Home Services will not be held responsible for client dissatisfaction with third party services or products. Product warranty is client responsibility.

Lady Valet Home Services reserves the right to require payment or a portion of payment in advance, or in intervals.

Where appropriate, your services may be combined, or clustered with those of other clients, when doing so would result in a saving of time and money for all parties.


House Sitting and Yard Services

House visits will take place at random times of the day or early evening. Written summary of visits will be provided to client upon return. If requested, client will be updated on a regular basis while absent. Photos will be taken if required.

Yard services will be scheduled on a rotation basis, as opposed to a specific day and time of day. Therefore, if it rains or snows on “your day,” you won’t have to wait until the following week for your service.


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

We will not attend to aggressive, ill, or injured dogs. For the protection of our staff, the general public and other dogs, we reserve the right to refuse dogs that are antisocial, disruptive, or dogs that aren’t neutered or are in heat.

We will not provide live feedings.

License and vaccination records are required. Spaying/neutering is recommended.

Recommended service standards for pet sitting for dogs and puppies require a minimum of 3 visits every 24-hour period.

Recommended service standards for pet sitting for cats and small animals other than dogs (caged or crated) require a minimum of 1 visit every 24-hour period.

Dog walking is not available on civic, provincial, or federal statutory holidays unless scheduled as part of a pet sitting contract of 3 days or more. A $15 surcharge will apply for statutory holidays.

If vehicle transportation is required for pets, client will provide a suitable pet carrier and immunization record.



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