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Services that do not include the transport of clients or pets:

  • $50/hr in quarterly increments with a one-hour minimum
  • 25 km per service; additional driving $ .70 per km
  • Cost of products or other charges incurred while executing the service will be invoiced to the client
  • Non-refundable credit-card deposit may be required at time of booking
  • Services involving the purchase of products or other services may require a credit card deposit
  • Payments made by cash, credit card, or money order

Prime Move Management

Each client move is customized depending upon the amount of assistance desired or required. Please see FAQ and call for further information.

House Sitting

  • $55/hr in quarterly increments with a half-hour minimum
  • Travel charges may apply

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

  • $55/hr in quarterly increments with a half-hour minimum, one dog
  • Travel charges may apply
  • $15/hr per additional dog from same household for group walk, to a maximum of 3 small dogs
  • Large dogs walked individually

Dog walking is not available on civic, provincial, or federal statutory holidays unless scheduled as part of a pet sitting contract of 3 days or more. A $15 surcharge will apply for statutory holiday.

Accompanying and Transportation

  • $55/hr in quarterly increments with a one-hour minimum (single passenger)
  • Additional passengers from same residence $10/hr each, to maximum of 3 passengers

If wait service is not scheduled with 2-way transportation, the return trip will be scheduled a minimum of 1.5 hour after the initial delivery time.

Set-up Fees

House sitting, pet sitting, and dog walking services are subject to a minimum one-hour set-up fee to cover on-site inspection and key exchange, and administrative set-up. Half-hour charge for subsequent key pickup. Additional time, if required, charged at posted rate. Time and charges apply if keys are not available at initial consultation.


Rates indicated are per worker/hour. Rates effective March 2012; rates are subject to change without notice.

To manage volatility in fuel prices, a surcharge may be levied if Edmonton and area gas prices increase beyond $ .99/L.


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