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What is a concierge?
Definitions abound, so in summary:

A person charged with offering special services for individuals or businesses that include arranging for travel, theatre tickets, and dinner reservations; screening visitors, handling luggage, laundry and deliveries; dealing with problems and providing information; running errands; a porter, liaison and time broker.

What is your privacy policy?
All personal and credit card information will remain confidential. We do not sell or share any information about our clients. We are discreet and confidential about our dealings with our clients. With your knowledge, we will, as services require, provide pertinent information to third parties in order to book services, make purchases or reservations on your behalf.

Are materials, expenses and taxes included in your hourly rate?
No they are not; they are the responsibility of the client.

What method of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, money orders, MasterCard and Visa.

I’ve decided to move from my home into a seniors’ complex. Now what do I do?
You can begin by contacting Lady Valet Home Services for assistance with all your moving requirements. We will schedule a consultation to explain our customized services to match your personal needs and requirements.

What is the cost of your “Prime Move Management” program?
Each move is unique depending on involvement of adult children, size of home, amount of possessions, physical and emotion well-being of the elder(s), and many other variables—all of which affect the timeline of the project. Following our no-cost one-hour consultation, we can provide you with an approximation of cost.

Will I have a say in what possessions I keep and what I get rid of?
Most certainly. You will maintain an active voice throughout the entire process; nothing will be removed or disposed of without your knowledge. Tax receipts for charitable donations will be obtained in your name wherever possible.

My new home is considerably smaller than my current home.
We will provide you with a customized floor plan of your new home, including measurements, and, where pertinent, photos. And we will help you with the arrangement of your furnishings and belongings in your new home.

Can you drive my aged parents to appointments?
Yes, we are licensed and insured to transport clients.

Can you stay with them during their appointments?
Yes, we are happy to accompany them, and take notes as necessary.

Will you administer medications?
No, Lady Valet Home Services does not provide medical services. We will, however, provide reminders for taking medications.


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