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Lady Valet, the Business

The inspiration for Lady Valet Home Services germinated in October of 2009. Having spent over 30 years in service-related employment, I was ready to go the entrepreneurial route—stick my neck out, take a risk, do something out of passion rather than need or obligation.

While investigating “niche opportunities” I realized a need for respite within busy and multi-generational families.

A seed was planted; I nurtured it and fertilized it, and as it blossomed I pruned it, and nurtured it some more. Lady Valet Home Services continues to be a work in progress.


Lady Valet, the Owner

Photo by Tracy Grabowski Photography

As a daughter, sister, spouse, mother, friend, neighbour, and homeowner, my household, life and career experiences—the foundation of Lady Valet Home Services—span 40+ years! My parents taught me family and home responsibilities (aka “chores”) including care of the family pets at a very young age. Within a month of graduating from high school—until very recently—I maintained full-time employment; further education and raising my family rode tandem.

My background includes medical and post-secondary educational administration, real estate and advertising sales, as well as writing and editing—all highly service-oriented opportunities. My academic editing prowess earned me the nickname of “Picky Pen.” I’ve studied at the University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan, and hold a NAIT certificate in Special Events Management.

I balance my life with gardening, reading, music, knitting, weight training, running, skating, golfing, and most recently, motorcycle riding (much to my father’s chagrin). My home is my sanctuary, and I will treat yours as my own.

Donna Maskell


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